Process purchase orders and share your information on Suppliers/Vendors, Products and Order history.

  • Supplier database with full items ordered history for each supplier

  • Product database with full items ordered history for each product

  • Automatically adopts your local currency and date formats

  • Unlimited Product Categories

  • Update orders with quantities received

  • Print a list of outstanding order items

  • Allocate order items to one or more job numbers or cost codes and then analyse costs over time (list of purchases made against a job or cost code).

  • So simple to use for single or multiple users to share.

  • The database file is multi-user (including the demo) so you can share your information with all your colleagues.

  • No user licences or repeat fees (you buy the "freehold" with the full version)

  • Fully customisable; you will have full access to the database window and all design objects so you can change or add anything you wish

Limitations: Requires screen resolution 1024x768 minimum
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So Simple to Implement:
  • Download the appropriate file
  • Unzip the contents in to your working folder
  • Open the database file
  • That's it, you're ready to go!
  • Full instructions included.

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