We use a WinZip self extractor to install the database on your machine. Choose the download suitable for your version of Access. If you have multiple versions of Access, choose the oldest version you use - it will share with all later versions.

If you don't have MS Access then you can get it from Microsoft for free now, just use the last download link listed below.

Are our download files safe? We no longer digitally sign our download exe files because, when we did, our signature prevented customers from making design modifications to their copy. Users of Explorer 9 and later will need to select Run > Actions > Other Actions > Run Anyway. Alternatively, save it to your desktop, scan it and then run manually.

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Download Instructions:
  • Select the version of Microsoft Access you use
  • Select RUN or OPEN from the download dialogue (the download will begin)
  • When the download has completed, the install process will begin
  • Select where you would like the database installed
  • The necessary files will be extracted and the database will open

Office Security Trust Options:
  • Users of Access 2007 and later may see a security warning regarding a possible "security threat".
  • You must choose whether or not to trust our database.

Please contact us if you experience any problems or need further help.

Alternatively, if you have WinZip and know how to use it, you can elect to save the download file and then use WinZip to extract it manually.

It is important that your installation of Access is completely up to date with all service packs and hot fixes (there are lots!).

We recommend that you run Microsoft Update or Office Update regularly.

If you experience odd error messages during the operation of our database it is most likely that your installation of Access needs updating.

32bit or 64bit Demo ACCDE file? This refers to the version of Office that you have installed, not the version of Windows. If you know how to tell which you have then great otherwise, try 32bit and if that didn't work try 64bit :o)

The full version ACCDB file contains the source code for both so will work on either.